June 30, 2015 – Outlining possible business risk thesis in reference to The Street, Inc. in comment form in response to Seeking Alpha article published the same day -TheStreet: Still Below $2, And Still Interesting

June 30, 2015

Thank you kindly for your reply. Please note, no mention was made in my comment to you specifically in reference to IsoRay Inc. (ISR) as a possible investment other than to point out a possible business risk to The Street, Inc. (TST) as you were correct in stating; ‘ it’s not material to TST (meaning an investment in IsoRay)’. However ISR and a portfolio of similar publicly traded companies may possibly represent a significant and material ongoing business risk to TST.

All current known litigation against IsoRay may be a direct result of Adam Feurestrein (AF), The Street Inc. (TST) and its Board of Directors (BoD) which includes and is not limited to James J. Cramer and Elisabeth DeMarse. This is not merely sabre rattling as IsoRay has publicly stated;’ IsoRay Intends to Vigorously Defend Litigation ‘. ISR has retained Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati to defend the Company and certain officers. Given the growing body of possibly factual evidence supporting a thesis that ;’ The Street, Inc. possible Nationwide Advertising Fraud & Deception possibly causing irreparable harm against innumerable U.S. Citizens and IsoRay, Inc. a company domiciled in Washington State ‘as outlined in an open letter to the FTC. Along with other publicly available data, one may logically speculate ISR has a high probability of possibly going on the offensive relative to TST.

Let’s briefly discuss this in the narrative provided in your last comment relative to ISR. If TST in fact created a $2.00 per share sustained loss in the market capitalization of ISR and given their present float, this would represent north of one hundred million dollars in possible damages to ISR. If ISR and or shareholders file claim(s) with a figure resembling around one hundred million dollars against TST, this in turn would represent a contingent liability greatly exceeding the entire at present market capitalization of TST.

Now indulge me a step further. Said possible litigation initiated by ISR may potentially open up Pandora’s Box as many other firms TST may have possibly committed similar forms of :’ illegal stock manipulation ’ as Mr. Todd Cox asserted when he announced his recent complaint to the SEC in reference to TST. With just ISR filing a complaint against it could possibly create a catastrophic contingent liability for TST. With a collection of multiple publicly traded firms who many have since rebounded with their respective market capitalizations were to file similar complaints against TST.  They may possibly collectively create contingent liabilities to TST in excess of five hundred million USD, which may be a conservative illustration.

This possible business risk to TST may indeed be material and long in duration, measured in multiple years, to a degree of probability substantively higher than: ‘ slim to none ‘ as you specifically state in your previous comment. As such it may be advisable to give this issue some serious consideration and due diligence, so as to form a credible thesis either bullish or bearish relative to this possible business risk to TST. One would of course utilize the available facts and not base their thesis on:’ he said, she said’ as you appropriately advocate in your last post.

Thank you again for your consideration and your thoughtful article and comments on The Street, Inc.

P.S. All relevant information contained in this comment that requires supportive information can be found in the links provided in the previous post in this thread made by this person.